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As part of ELT Ireland's mission to promote professional development we run grants schemes for members which will fund help them to attend international professional ELT events.

We are now taking applications for the grants detailed below.

ELT Ireland Conference Grants

- ELT Ireland Conference Attendance & Membership Grant €150

- International Conference Travel Grant €300     


Annual Deadlines:

22nd Dec for members wishing to attend the ELT Ireland Conference

20th Feb for members wishing to attend the IATEFL Conference or similar

How to apply for a grant

1. All current ELT Ireland members are eligible.

2. Applications need to be submitted in advance of the deadline and as outlined here.

3. Use this online grant application form. Complete the form and the appropriate task (below). 

4. Submit your completed application with the subject line: Grant Application + your name

5. The successful applicants will contribute a conference summary for the ELT Ireland Bulletin and a shorter item for the newsletter. 


Grant Application Task (500 words)

Outline the benefits that you would gain from attending this Conference and the costs the would need to be covered. Please make reference to how this would benefit you in your profession and enhance your development in your field. Consider your particular areas of interest and how these will be developed through conference attendance. 

Make your submission before the annual deadline above.


Report of the 2018 grant holder on her IATEFL experience
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