Director of Studies Sought for Dublin School

Atlantic Language’s mission is to:

“Achieve excellence in providing tuition, accommodation, customer support and related services to enable and support the life and learning objectives of our students in the unique social and cultural environment of Ireland”

To realise this, the aims in addition to the roles and responsibilities listed below are to:

  • Provide quality tuition to all of our students in an effective and professional manner;

  • Offer a teaching and learning environment that is both dynamic and innovative in nature;

  • Facilitate openness and participation in both teaching and learning through encouraging a diverse, welcoming, communicative and friendly school setting;

  • Offer a study setting where students may develop language skills, grow in confidence and develop personally;

  • Promote a working atmosphere allowing staff members to utilise their abilities and potential to contribute to their own professional careers and to the life of the school;

  • Provide the opportunity to experience the unique life, environment and culture of Ireland.

Reports to: Managing Director, School Principal

Timetable: Full time

Overall responsibility: Responsible for the day-to-day management of the teaching team, the administration of the academic programme, and the successful delivery of all aspects of the academic programme which includes both teacher and student pathways.

1. Experience, Knowledge and Qualifications


  • MUST be DELTA qualified or equivalent

  • MUST be degree qualified or equivalent

  • 8 - 10 years English Language Teaching experience at all levels

  • Teacher observation and teacher development experience

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Team leadership / People management

  • Proficiency in time management


  • Experience of academic management of both adult and YL centres

  • Experience of ELT in an international context

  • Experience of curriculum and syllabus writing and development

  • Experience of delivering and tutoring on teacher training courses

  • ICT knowledge and experience e.g. online learning, blended learning

2. Administration, Student Focus & Communication

  • Ensure that the educational package sold to students is delivered comprehensively

  • Organise and manage academic timetable and course planning in line with CEF, INIS, and QQI regulations and requirements

  • Organise and manage testing, placement and student induction

  • Manage and maximise appropriate use of materials and resources

  • Maintain recommended staffing levels. Responsible for hiring and monitoring of teachers.

  • Manage student feedback analysis

  • Deal with student enquiries on classes and levels, clarifying and overseeing the procedure for level progression

  • Develop and monitor course content to ensure that it complies with QQI requirements

  • Setting deadlines and outlining project briefs. Ensuring completion of projects within timeframe, as well as monitoring quality of projects.

3. CPD & Professionalism

  • Establish a positive and inclusive learning environment

  • Participate in employee appraisal system

  • Prepare and run weekly staff meetings

  • Disseminate knowledge developed through external training sessions / courses

  • Maintain a professional attitude towards colleagues, students and visitors at all times

  • Prepare and provide INSETT training sessions for teachers

  • Run induction session for summer school teachers with YL Academic Coordinator

4. Teamwork

  • Engage with teaching staff to promote the sharing of ideas and resources

  • Be flexible, proactive and communicative in approach to teaching, training and working

  • Engage in a culture of collaboration by sharing ideas, resources and facilitating observations

  • Lead team of teachers, with support and guidance, through lesson observations, feedback and workshops in order to achieve and maintain standard professional practice in classes

  • To provide support and guidance for the Academic Coordinators

  • Support other managers when required

The above areas contain a list of general points for consideration. Atlantic Language provides more detailed information for each of the outlined areas.

Please send a covering letter and your CV to

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