Teachers needed for one-week digital projects with juniors students

DARE TO TEACH DIFFERENTLY with Future Learning. Be part of putting project-based learning into practice and harnessing the power of technology to engage learners with a second language.

Programme: Future Learning runs technology enhanced English language programmes which aims to harness the powerful devices that are part of our everyday lives to engage learners to help capture and practice the language and make the most of the experience of a trip abroad. Learning with FL is an opportunity to develop real life language skills in a well-resourced environment while also enhancing the ability to make effective use of technology in education and in life.

Teachers: We are looking for teachers with an interest in teaching through technology and some experience of working with 10 - 17 year-olds. All applicants must have completed their primary degree and certificate in English language teaching by the end of June. We will also consider state qualified primary and secondary teachers who do not have a background in English language teaching if they undertake a Preparatory Cert. for teaching English on junior summer courses with a recognised provider.

Timetable: Three to five weekday mornings, of between 3 and 5 hours plus a short break in the middle. There will be a 15 minute briefing before classes and a follow-up afterwards.

Location: Future Learning Summer School in the City Centre or in Malahide.

Upcoming Dates:

5th of March to 11th of May 2018

Summer programmes from the end of June for 3 - 5 weeks.


€180 - €400 per week depending on course hours and teacher experience.

Contact: Email your teaching CV to peter@flireland.com

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