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ELT Ireland is a network for professionals involved in all aspects of English Language Teaching that promotes learning, development and best practice through the sharing of knowledge and experiences.


(Extract from the ELT Ireland Constitution)


Establish a network of teachers, supervisors, managers and researchers who are committed to improving teaching in English as a Foreign or Second Language in Ireland;

Work cooperatively toward the improvements of programs which seek to provide students with an opportunity to acquire English language skills and proficiency;

Provide training, workshops, and seminars on a wide range of ideas and issues in English teaching;

Disseminate information about the latest methods, approaches and research in the field;

Encourage use of new developments in the field of educational technologies;

Disseminate information relevant to the organization;

Share information about ESL and EFL events in the country;

Encourage professional development, participation, and leadership;

Provide opportunity for study and research;

Coordinate information with other regional and international professional organizations;


Members can request a copy of the ELT Ireland constitution by email from or using the contact form above.

ELTed Dublin 2014 Group Photo

ELT Ireland Inaugural event, April 2015

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