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ELTed - Education & Development talks


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What makes a good ELTed Talk

Whether you are a teacher, manager or administrator, the talk should be something based on your own direct experience of ELT. It can be an idea that you borrowed from someone else, duly credited, and then implemented in your own context. Topics that are about what should happen, or what might work do not fit within the remit of ELTed.

 Think of your talk as a story that comes out of who you are, the context you work in, and the sort of people you work with. It is important to describe that background briefly before getting into the nitty gritty. You can allow the human side to come out in the story, both your own and that of your students or the teachers you work with.

Suggested structure for an ELTed talk
 - What is the background?­ The context you are working in and the kind of experience you have?
 - What was the problem you wanted to solve and / or your inspiration for trying something new?
 -­ How did you make it work in practice?
 - How did the students and / or teachers react to it?
 -­ What advice do you have for others who might try something similar?

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