Speaker Slides 2019

NB: Speakers are making these slides available on the understanding that any use of the original ideas and material in them will be clearly attributed to the author.
5th Annual Conference on Why we do what we do in ELT


by Steve Walsh

Dialogic Reflection


by Marjorie Rosenberg

Getting unstuck - stretching out of our comfort zones


Use it or Lose it: how to activate professional knowledge by Kirsten Holt

Awaydays - whole teams explore, share, learn, resolve and plan by Liam Brown

Linguistic creativity - a tool for encouraging VL autonomy & lifelong learning by Visnja Fara

Brexit and the Impacts on English language learning in Ireland
by Conor O’Reilly

Developing leaders and leadership through language training by Ben Dobbs

The developing manager: the role of reflection by Louise Guyett

Mentoring in teacher development by Chris Farrell

Blended Learning in ELT: Making it work by Pete Sharma

Using culture to engage learners by Sahand Razavi

Developing school-based CPD of ELT through Action Research by Venny Karolina

Experiencing Language - English through drama technique and methodology by Anna Kadzik-Bartoszewska; Charlie Hughes

Does learning lexical bundles increase fluency in writing? by Cathryn Bennett

Diving into the local experience by Susan Holden

Spilling the tea about LGBTQI+ in ELT by Angelos Bollas

Engaging with the English profile - A CPD programme by Gerard O’Hanlon

Are you in the right job? by Rachael Fionda

Understanding and working with adult students with different learning needs by Mara Antonella Toranza Temi

Make it QRacked! Using QR codes in the ESL classroom by Marzia Marcelli

Why do we use peer feedback in the EAP classroom? by Penny Tzanni

TBLT- An effective tool for language teaching by Faisal Naseer

Do pronunciation models matter? Reflections from Irish & Scottish classrooms by Gemma Archer

Reading a text: snore no more! by Oksana Dzyuban

Making connections - Using film in the language classroom by Eva Buyuksimkesyan

Listening skills (top-down or bottom-up): which one do students prefer? by Bárbara Hernandes

CELTA uncovered. The subtle art of unlearning by Ian Brangan

A crash course in cultural literacy for the ELT instructor by Doaa Baker

Who we are is how we teach by Liam Tyrrell

Why managers need PD too by Paula Castro

Spicing up the Business English classroom
by Marjorie Rosenberg


Speaker Slides 2018

NB: Speakers are making these slides available on the understanding that any use of the original ideas and material in them will be clearly attributed to the author.
4th Annual Conference on Developing Outcomes in ELT
Conference Report


by Adrian Underhill

Teaching and New Leadership


by Thomas Farrell

Reflective Practice for Language Teachers


Creativity, Critical Thinking and Communication for Greater Training Outcomes by Ben Dobbs


Improving Communication of Young Learner Progress by Shay Coyne


EAP in Ireland - Where can we go? by Steven Bruce


Dictating your way to more beneficial outcomes  by Ciaran Murphy 


From rules to reasons and other little tweaks by Danny Norrington-Davies


Noticing outcomes through student reflection by Aileen Donegan


Negotiating the transition from IELTS to EAP by Alex Runchman


Teacher Burnout in ELT by Chris Farrell


Representation of Norwegian English in the public: An attitude study by Christina Løkslett


Project-based learning — Reflective practice, constraints and learner outcomes by Adam O Regan, David Morgan, Matthew Watson


Using the Lexical Approach to outline and develop areas of pronunciation by Brian Duignan


Learner Perceptions of Corpora and Data-Driven Learning by Cathryn Bennett


Affect for better effect by Angelos Bollas


Low resource, high quality : Designing a zero-materials ESOL course by Jane Seely


Shifting from EAP to an Academic Literacies approach by Jessica Garska, Aoife Ni Mhurchu


Textpolitation: Getting more from a text by David Byrne, Mark Heffernan

Using corpora in ESL classrooms by Abeer Okaz


Facebook, Edmodo, or your own personal blog? by Keith Murdiff


Modality in course books - room for change? by Gerard O’Hanlon


The Challenge of Chunks by Frances Eales (Sponsored by Pearson)


Introduction to the Irish Research Scheme for Teaching by Chris Farrell


How to Create a School that Learns by Adrian Underhill


Professional Development: Opportunities and Attitudes in Ireland by Liam Tyrrell


Nuclear Stress- can it improve Intelligibility? by Isobel Burke, Stephen Bruce, & Stephen Easley-Walsh


The Autistic Classroom: Classroom management for teachers of ASD learners by Damian Cunniffe


Pre-reading: Is there another way? by Tony Penston


Building teacher’s assessment literacy through structured video CPD by Ben Beaumont


Implementing Self-Regulated Strategies to Sustain Learning by Sharifa Al’Adawi


Helping Students Understand the Intercultural Mindset by Debbie West 


Fighting Fossilisation with strategy training by Laura Edwards 


Embracing our Non-Native Speaking Community by Anna Maroutian


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