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Speaker Slides 2023

NB: Speakers are making these slides available on the understanding that any use of the original ideas and material in them will be clearly attributed to the author.
9th Annual Conference on Back to A Future


by Julia Aliverti 

Embracing Change. The Heart of the Matter


by Aoife Hurley

Nurturing and Developing Multilingual Skills in the Early Years


Bringing Critical Thinking into the Classroom by Behzad Baghery (1)


From Teacher to Instructional Designer by Ben Dobbs (2)


Post Observation Feedback: A New Approach by Abeer Okaz (3)

Revisited: Language Learning Anxiety & L1 as a Classroom Tool by Alyson Greville (4)


Beyond the Error Correction Slot: Making Emergent Language our Target by Emma Meade-Flynn (5)


Tell us a story… Getting Creative with Storytelling by Alan Hall (7)


A Framework for Manager CPD - Practical Uses & Implications by Lou McLaughlin (8)


Finding your Voice – teaching pronunciation in a global world by Alex Warren (Sponsored Speaker: Cengage) (9)          

Live, Learn and Teach into a Brighter Future by Michelle Hunter (10)


Write Out of the Textbook by Dalia Ashraf (11) 


Training Today’s Teens for Tomorrow: Employability Skills in your Classroom by Rob Howard (12)

English Language Students Want Native English Teachers! Do they? by Caitlin Nolan (13)


Virtual Reality in the Classroom by Anna Maroutian (14)


Differentiated Lesson Planning for Mixed-ability Classes by Sara Magdi (15)

Using Audio Books in Class by Mahinour Ragheb (16)


Developing Oral Skills: Challenges & Benefits of Impromptu vs Prepared Speeches by Debbie West (17)


Teaching Negotiation Skills by Ben Dobbs (18)

Keeping it Real: Authentic Listening Lessons by Shaun Sweeney (19)


Let’s Get Appy with Videos! by Daragh McMunn (20)


Social and Emotional learning in the ELT classroom by Jo Krousso - Sponsored Speaker: Macmillan (21)

Integrating Social Media for Developing EFL Learners’ Intercultural Communicative Competence by Souad Bailich (22)


Exploring New Worlds and Societies through Literature: An Interactive Approach to Learning by Esther Reilly (23)

Leaving Space: Equality in the Classroom by Jeremy R Saunders (25)


Things we Have to Accept as Teachers by Erin O’Byrne (26)


But the Future Never Comes by Joan McDermott and Dr Kerry Gallagher (27)

Speaker Slides 2022

NB: Speakers are making these slides available on the understanding that any use of the original ideas and material in them will be clearly attributed to the author.
8th Annual Conference on A New Beginning?


by Fiona Bonke 

My pandemic; a journey from flying airplanes to COVID testing


by Debbie West

The power of storytelling to understand ourselves and each other


Alternative assessment before and after the emergency online instruction by Iosif Gidiotis

Now … where were we?: Notes from ELT Ireland’s participation in the English Language Education External Advisory Group on the IEM in 2018 by Peter Lahiff

Effective Feedback for Language Learners/Giving Effective Feedback by Dalia Ashraf

Becoming corpus literate: An EFL Practitioner's story by Cathryn Bennett

The Power to Act by Abeer Okaz

Voices and Connections by Rory Ruddock (Sponsored speaker: Cengage NGL)

Creative and practical ideas for teaching culture in the EFL classroom by Ivana Štiglec

A Critical Discourse Analysis of Self-Perceptions of English-Language Teachers in Ireland by Deborah Tobin

How we can overcome native speakerism in ELT by Meri Maroutian

Rethinking your teaching practices by Meritxell Blanco Colino

From Teaching to Publishing by Ben Dobbs

The gap between exam perception and achievement by Peter Lahiff

2022 - User friendly, tangible grammar? by Ilona Šostroneková

Planning for the perfect outcome by Joe Brennan

New Beginnings or Back to the Same Old, Same Old? by Joan McDermott & Dr. Kerry Gallagher (Sponsored Speaker: GoMappEd)

Revisiting Speaking Activities to encourage Students by Debbie West 

Effective Early Language Learning by Sylvie Dolakova

Unite ELT - past, present and future by Anne Dunne & Colette Godkin (Sponsored Speaker: Unite)

Off script: helping students decode authentic speech by Shaun Sweeney

Tools of the Trade: The development and evaluation of a bespoke work-related English language course by Declan Flanagan

Assessment Today - The same, but different; helping teachers and learners in the new normal by David Booth

Mental Health in the Teaching World by Alan Hall

Teaching with the brain in mind by Urszula Kropaczewska (IATEFL Poland)

Libraries Ireland: Access, Apps and Online Services  by Ian Aherne

Student-Created Topic Books – tools to keep, store and retrieve knowledge by Sylvie Dolakova & Ilona Šostroneková


Speaker Slides 2021

NB: Speakers are making these slides available on the understanding that any use of the original ideas and material in them will be clearly attributed to the author.
7th Annual Conference on Teaching in the New Normal


by David Fisher

 Making Online Teaching Dramatic


Reading and Writing in the technology enhanced ELT classroom. A new challenge. by Maria Karageorgou

Social Media in the Online Classroom by Órla Ní Shéaghdha

Tools of the year by Abeer Ali Okaz


How to maximize students'' speaking opportunities in online classes by Dalia Ashraf Elsayed

Brazilian public education in 2020: managers', teachers', and families' perspective by Yuri Wenceslau Fioravante 

Exploiting the online environment for pronunciation practice by Gemma Archer

Material Development in ESP: English for Special Purposes by Carolina Cunha


From Honeymoon to Expert: Exploring Intercultural Awareness by Michelle Daly

Student engagement and collaborative learning in an online EAP reading and writing course by Dr. Stergiani Kostopoulou


From static to interactive; is hyperdoc the answer? by Maria Zaheer


Hybrid Learning in Action by Chris Farrell

Moving from study to  the application of language skills in projects by Debbie West


Barriers, adaptations and future of education in the New Normal by Muhammad Amir Saeed


Providing learning and development for all staff – the Bitesize approach by Liam Brown

Managing Differentiation in Mixed Ability Classes by David Byrne & Mark Hefferman


The Gamification of Online Lessons by Richard Neylon  & Question Bomb Game


Student Support in a Time of Pandemic by Ekaterina Gaydova


Why and how to use short fiction in the ESL classroom by Amanda McGeer


Neurolanguage Coaching: A No-Brainer in the New Normal Classroom by Nurdan Colleran


Mexicans Students and Teachers' Limitations in an Online Learning Environment by Briseida Jiménez Velázquez


The Human Touch in a Touchless World by Nada Awad

ESOL for Adult Absolute Beginners – English Language Teaching’s Holy Grail? by Arthur McKeown

Working with Refugee and Migrant Learners on Zoom by Sara Camplisson & Heather Lindsay


The Hidden Challenges of the Trinity ISE exam by Claire Ryan

Developing Learner Autonomy through Projects by Nayara Bernardes

Exciting Experiments, or how to interweave Science into language teaching by Aleksandra Zaparucha

The birth of the English Language Students' Union of Ireland by Fiachra Ó Luain

Re-imagining ELT for Chinese students in the New Normal by Joan McDermott

‘To be or not to be...’: Teacher Agency in 2021 by Ben Beaumont - Sponsored Speaker: TCL

Teachers’ Views on their Work by Anne Dunne - Sponsored Speaker: UtU


Speaker Slides 2020

NB: Speakers are making these slides available on the understanding that any use of the original ideas and material in them will be clearly attributed to the author.
6th Annual Conference on Big Ideas and their Impact in ELT


by Joshua Paiz

Diversity & Inclusion in ELT


Feedback Delivery in Teacher Training Courses by Mara Temi​


Promoting Intercultural Competency in the ELT classroom by Fernanda Stocche Barbosa 

Bringing Mindfulness to Class by Laia del Barrio​

Teaching Reading in ESL Classrooms by Nada Awad​

Instruction with Permission - A Brain-based Approach to Classroom Communication by Christine Mullaney

Language Immersion Advantages and Challenges by Debbie West 


The Classroom Around Us: Utilising Place in Language Learning by Rebecca White 


Fostering Academic Language Learner Autonomy in EAP Writing by Stergiani Kostopoulou

Story-Based CLIL for Little Learners (4 - 10 years old) by Sylvie Doláková & Ilona Sostronekova

Ideas on using Irish History with Teenage EL learners by Tony Penston

Activating the Passive Voice by Kessia Morais Lima 

T for writing – is it? by Abeer Okaz


Making Project-Based Learning Work with Technology by Felipe Ronchi Fogo & Claire Ryan

Intercultural Exchange - a Small Scale Exchange between Japan and Denmark by Mark Donnellan & Barry Condon

Using and Assessing Learning Outcomes by Chris Farrell

EAP in the General English Classroom by Laurie Myers

Using Emotional Intelligence to Improve Behaviour and Learning by Alan Hall​

BIG IDEAS for ESOL for Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers Arthur McKeown & Claudia Belloni ​

Empathy and ELT – is it Time to Reconsider how we Think about Each Other? by Conor O'Reilly

Everything EFL Live Podcast by Erin O'Byrne & ​Shane Callaghan


Using Google Classroom in the Classroom by Lydia O’Donnell & Jane Langley​

English for Dyslexic Children by Ilona Sostronekova​


“Crystal Methodology”: Unlocking for Advanced Students, and for Ourselves, the Short-and Long-Term Benefits of Authentic Literary Texts by Sean Ruane


Self-Perceptions of ELT Teachers in ELT Schools in Ireland by Deborah Tobin 

Challenges, Strategies and Solutions in less Resourced ESL Classroom by Faisal Naseer

Leadership Strand The developing manager

Supporting Newly Qualified Teachers by Liam Tyrrell​

The Developing Manager - Managing Change in your Organisation by Louise Guyett


Promoting Healthy Conflict to Foster Creativity by Ian Brangan & Aidan O’Shea ​


Responding to Moments of Truth - Tips for Delivering Customer Satisfaction by Nadine Early

Speaker Slides 2019

NB: Speakers are making these slides available on the understanding that any use of the original ideas and material in them will be clearly attributed to the author.
5th Annual Conference on Why we do what we do in ELT


by Steve Walsh

Dialogic Reflection


by Marjorie Rosenberg

Getting unstuck - stretching out of our comfort zones


Use it or Lose it: how to activate professional knowledge by Kirsten Holt

Awaydays - whole teams explore, share, learn, resolve and plan by Liam Brown

Linguistic creativity - a tool for encouraging VL autonomy & lifelong learning by Visnja Fara

Brexit and the Impacts on English language learning in Ireland
by Conor O’Reilly

Developing leaders and leadership through language training by Ben Dobbs

The developing manager: the role of reflection by Louise Guyett

Mentoring in teacher development by Chris Farrell

Blended Learning in ELT: Making it work by Pete Sharma

Using culture to engage learners by Sahand Razavi

Developing school-based CPD of ELT through Action Research by Venny Karolina

Experiencing Language - English through drama technique and methodology by Anna Kadzik-Bartoszewska; Charlie Hughes

Does learning lexical bundles increase fluency in writing? by Cathryn Bennett

Diving into the local experience by Susan Holden

Spilling the tea about LGBTQI+ in ELT by Angelos Bollas

Engaging with the English profile - A CPD programme by Gerard O’Hanlon

Are you in the right job? by Rachael Fionda

Understanding and working with adult students with different learning needs by Mara Antonella Toranza Temi

Make it QRacked! Using QR codes in the ESL classroom by Marzia Marcelli

Why do we use peer feedback in the EAP classroom? by Penny Tzanni

TBLT- An effective tool for language teaching by Faisal Naseer

Do pronunciation models matter? Reflections from Irish & Scottish classrooms by Gemma Archer

Reading a text: snore no more! by Oksana Dzyuban

Making connections - Using film in the language classroom by Eva Buyuksimkesyan

Listening skills (top-down or bottom-up): which one do students prefer? by Bárbara Hernandes

CELTA uncovered. The subtle art of unlearning by Ian Brangan

A crash course in cultural literacy for the ELT instructor by Doaa Baker

Who we are is how we teach by Liam Tyrrell

Why managers need PD too by Paula Castro

Spicing up the Business English classroom
by Marjorie Rosenberg


Speaker Slides 2018

NB: Speakers are making these slides available on the understanding that any use of the original ideas and material in them will be clearly attributed to the author.
4th Annual Conference on Developing Outcomes in ELT
Conference Report


by Adrian Underhill

Teaching and New Leadership


by Thomas Farrell

Reflective Practice for Language Teachers


Creativity, Critical Thinking and Communication for Greater Training Outcomes by Ben Dobbs


Improving Communication of Young Learner Progress by Shay Coyne


EAP in Ireland - Where can we go? by Steven Bruce


Dictating your way to more beneficial outcomes  by Ciaran Murphy 


From rules to reasons and other little tweaks by Danny Norrington-Davies


Noticing outcomes through student reflection by Aileen Donegan


Negotiating the transition from IELTS to EAP by Alex Runchman


Teacher Burnout in ELT by Chris Farrell


Representation of Norwegian English in the public: An attitude study by Christina Løkslett


Project-based learning — Reflective practice, constraints and learner outcomes by Adam O Regan, David Morgan, Matthew Watson


Using the Lexical Approach to outline and develop areas of pronunciation by Brian Duignan


Learner Perceptions of Corpora and Data-Driven Learning by Cathryn Bennett


Affect for better effect by Angelos Bollas


Low resource, high quality : Designing a zero-materials ESOL course by Jane Seely


Shifting from EAP to an Academic Literacies approach by Jessica Garska, Aoife Ni Mhurchu


Textpolitation: Getting more from a text by David Byrne, Mark Heffernan

Using corpora in ESL classrooms by Abeer Okaz


Facebook, Edmodo, or your own personal blog? by Keith Murdiff


Modality in course books - room for change? by Gerard O’Hanlon


The Challenge of Chunks by Frances Eales (Sponsored by Pearson)


Introduction to the Irish Research Scheme for Teaching by Chris Farrell


How to Create a School that Learns by Adrian Underhill


Professional Development: Opportunities and Attitudes in Ireland by Liam Tyrrell


Nuclear Stress- can it improve Intelligibility? by Isobel Burke, Stephen Bruce, & Stephen Easley-Walsh


The Autistic Classroom: Classroom management for teachers of ASD learners by Damian Cunniffe


Pre-reading: Is there another way? by Tony Penston


Building teacher’s assessment literacy through structured video CPD by Ben Beaumont


Implementing Self-Regulated Strategies to Sustain Learning by Sharifa Al’Adawi


Helping Students Understand the Intercultural Mindset by Debbie West 


Fighting Fossilisation with strategy training by Laura Edwards 


Embracing our Non-Native Speaking Community by Anna Maroutian


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