ELT Ireland organises training events, workshops, and seminars on a wide range of ideas and issues in English language teaching to disseminate information about the latest methods, approaches and research in the field, encourage use of new developments in the field of educational technologies and the sharing of best practice among members.

ELTed Galway
October 19th 2019
IH Galway
Manager Meet Up_edited.jpg
ELT Hackathon

22nd November 2019

ATC Dublin

The next ELTed – English language teacher education and development talks – will be held on the 19th of October in International House, Galway. ELT Ireland are putting out a call for anyone interested in speaking to contact us on .

ELTEd events are short talks by teachers for teachers on ideas from practice.

English language teacher education and development talks from ELT Ireland present a series of twelve-minute talks on a range of ELT-related topics and provides a forum for the recognition of creativity, enables unexpected connections to be made, lays the ground for productive collaborations and inspires others to try things out and get creative themselves. The topics covered can include teaching practice, managment and research.

Event Calendar: 2019-20

Annual Conference Call For Speakers 

05 EAP in Ireland Annual Conference

19  ELTed Galway


ELT Hackathon

(Location TBC)

04  ELT Meet Up - Giving a Webinar


Online CPD Event


QQI Cross-Sectoral Conference


ELTed Dublin

15 Online Event

16 ELTed 

(Location TBC)

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13 Getting Ready for Summer Event

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ELT Ireland promotes learning, development and best practice in ELT through shared knowledge and experiences.


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