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ELTed - Cork - April 2017  at

UCC Language Centre hosts of ELTed Cork September 2014

Martina McCarthy                         [CEC]

Rude or oblivious? 

Julie Butters                               [UCCLC]

They won’t talk

Joanne Mitten                                [ATC]

Assessment for learning in practice 

Emma McCarthy                           [GCC]

'Controversial Issues in EFL Classrooms

Laura O'Grady                               [CES]

Integrating m-learning into elt 

John Owens                                     [ALD]

Bringing Classroom and Workplace into one

Peter Lahiff                            [FL & ESD]

Rethinking for Dyslexia 

Jessica Garska                [TCD & DIFC]

Experiences from India


ELT Ireland

Conception to Collaboration

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