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ELTed - Conference - Feb. 2015

UCC Language Centre hosts of ELTed Cork September 2014

Peter Lahiff

Getting Involved in ELT Ireland

Peter is Events Coordinator and Academic Director at FL Ireland.

Dervilla Fastner

Revisiting Learner Autonomy

Mandy delivers courses on behalf of Communicultures, Landsberg, Germany.

Seçil Pesen

Using drama and music portfolios

Seçil is an English Teacher at Ankara High School, a Government School in Turkey.

Stephen Bruce

My Exam Prep Top Ten

Stephen works as EAP Coordinator for Dublin International Foundation College.

Setenay Çelik

Teaching Vocab. to Young Learners

Setenay teaches ENglish to young learners at Anafartalar Koleji.

Arthur McKeown

Learning to speak marketing

Arthur is a management educator at the University of Ulster with 15 years in EFL.

Eleanor Molloy

Effective Intercambios in Class

Alison has an MA in online learning and is co-founder of Celtic School of English.

Touria Jouilla

Informal Classroom Assessment

Esther has been teaching in Cork since 2013 after 8 years working in Hungary.  

ELT Ireland

From Concept to Collaboration

A short video on the activities of ELT Ireland in the year since it was founded.



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