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Inaugural ELTed - Dublin - April 2014

Dr. Lou McLaughlin

Welcome to ELT Ireland

Lou is President of ELT Ireland and College Director at ECM, Dublin.

Anna Malik

Essentials for out-of-class activities

Anna is an EFL teacher, ADoS & Blended Learning Specialist at Kaplan Intl. Dublin.

Michelle Dawson

Overcoming Motivation Hibernation Michelle has been teaching for over six years with Kaplan International Dublin.

Christine Mullaney

From tweetaphobia to tweetaholism

Christine teaches IELTS at Kaplan Intl, Dublin and runs #eltchinwag on twitter.

Dariusz Bukowski

Putting Theory into Practice

Dariusz has has been teaching for 25 years and since 2012 has been with ECM.

Clare Bassett

Meditations for effective learning

Clare teaches yoga and trains both English language and yoga teachers.

Peter Lahiff

Lessons learned from under tens

Peter is a CELT trainer with Swan and Academic Director of Future Learning.

Stephen Mc Cann

Getting English moving

Stephen is an English teacher and outdoor instructor for Peak Adventures.

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