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ELTed - Dublin - December 2018


Angelos Bollas                               [IHD]

Homework Tasks for Speaking

Danny McNeive                              [ESD]

Teaching and Mental Health: The Importance of Self Care

Mohammad Rayhan                   [IHD]

Technology to Aid Language Learning

Paula Castro                                 [ESD]

An Alternative Approach to Teacher Appraisal

Marianne Jordan                           [PC]

The Power of Flashcards

Samantha Sierra                           [CES]

Professional Development for Overseas Teachers

Gerard O’Hanlon                          [ ]

The Corpus informed Teacher

Conor O’Reilly                         [UCDISC]

REPORT A means of empowering autonomy in student writing

Niamh Kelly                                   [HET]

Can Edtech Reinform Instruction

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