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ELTed - Dublin - December 2017 at

UCC Language Centre hosts of ELTed Cork September 2014

Jules Fitzsimmons                         [TOG]

ESLfie tricks: mobile filmmaking in the class

Joana Arzberger                            [ESD]

Why non native speakers are better EFL teachers

Cat Bennett                                   [UCD]

The Negotiated Syllabus a ‘work in’ process progress

Colm O'Callaghan                        [MIC]

Using online voice recording in oral assessment

Niamh Kelly                 [Hippo EdTech]

Evidence based studies, neuroscience and ELT

 Jessica Gaska              [EAP in Ireland]

Building Blocks of an EAP in Ireland organisation

Eva Kilar                                       [UCD]

BYOD and mLearning: Classroom Considerations

Declan Fitzpatrick                        [ESD]

Recognising and reaching students as individuals

ELT Ireland

Conception to Collaboration

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