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ELTed - Limerick - March 2019     at

UCC Language Centre hosts of ELTed Cork September 2014

Michelle Daly                               [UL]

Teaching in the Gulf and Intercultural Issues

Mary Grenan                       [IH Galway]

Interactional Competence

Tina Wu                                               [ ]

Different Learning and Teaching Styles between Ireland and China

Seán O’Connell                              [UL]

L1 interference in pronunciation teaching

Christopher Fitzgerald​                        [ ]

The Aural Revolution and Implication for ELT

Deborah Tobin                                     [ ]

Self-perception of language teaching in private schools

Tuey Burns.                                     [ ]

Warning this presentation may contain singing

Angela Farrell                         [ ]

How Irish English is being used in EFL 

ELT Ireland

Conception to Collaboration

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