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ELTed - Management - 2015 at

UCC Language Centre hosts of ELTed Cork September 2014

John Round & Lou McLaughlin

Joint ELT Management Event

Josh Round of LAMSiG and Lou McLaughlin introduce the joint event.

Anne-Marie Hearne

The role of listening and hearing

Anne-Marie is acting Director of Studies at Atlantic Language Dublin.

Rachael Fionda

The right amount at the right time

Rachael is director of the MA TESOL at UCD’s Applied Language Centre.

Nadine Early

Communicating Change
Nadine is a curriculum designer and Academic Director of ATC.

Carmel Hickey

What Managers can learn about interaction from the classroom

Carmel is Head of Education at IH Dublin

ELT Ireland

From Concept to Collaboration

A short video on the activities of ELT Ireland in the year since it was founded.

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