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ELTed Online - July 2021

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by Lucía Marotta                                 [ ]

Overcoming Difficulties when Teaching Elderly Students

by Dr. Rajasekaran Venkatraman      [ ]

Use of Google Docs and Padlet to Improve Writing Skills

by Cory Koby                                        [ ]

Fostering Language Acquisition and Autonomy through Extensive Reading

by Angelos Evangelidis                        [ ]

Deeper Learning: focusing on what matters

by Domenico Locatelli                         [ ]

Do You Teach Enough Vocabulary? Vocab. Practice vs Grammar Overload

by Ana Carolina Cardoso Bedenik.    [ ]

Personalization Matters: how to do it

by Meritxell Blanco Colino                  [ ]

How to Develop Cultural Awareness Competence in the ELT Class

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