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Centre manager for New Summer Centre

POSITION: CENTRE MANANER LOCATION: ST PATRICK’S COLLEGE, DRUMCONDRA DURATION: 4 WEEKS + Set-Up Resident on campus – single room, full board for the period 29/30 June to 28/29 July The centre is a new centre for HSI and will operate for 4 weeks in July for a maximum of 55 students aged between 13 and 17, all resident on campus in single rooms The programme consists of: English Classes 15 Hrs per week, Monday to Friday Robotics & Coding: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday afternoons Dublin City Visits: Monday & Friday Afternoons Full Day Excursion: Saturday Activities & Leisure: Sunday Afternoon/Evening Activities: every day Centre Manager will be expected to live on campus with full board provided Staff: There will be one other residential staff member on campus at all times along with Group leaders Teachers: As per number of classes (expected to be 4/5) Ancillary Staff: 1 full-time Main Duties: Manage the day-to- day operations of HSI summer English + Robotics & Coding ** Schedule classes in consultation with our DOS. Liaise with the management of St Patrick’s Hold the Emergency 24/7 mobile Hold daily meetings with any Group Leaders on the programme (expected to be maximum 2) Keep records of all classes, incidents, complaints, etc Assist with the arrivals/departures of students Schedule and manage excursions, activities and sports on and off campus Manage material, books, sports equipment etc Manage & Record a float Report hours worked by all staff to HSI head office ** Robotics & Coding classes delivered by specialist company

Other Duties: Assist with the recruitment and orientation of qualified teachers Provide arrival orientation for all new students Manage a feedback and end-of course questionnaire Conditions: Salary for the post: Flat Rate to include all preparation and follow-up This will include preparing for an ACELS Inspection

Candidate: Fully qualified Teacher Preferably with DOS experience At least one previous experience of Summer or Year-round Centre Manager Garda vetting is essential Non-smoker preferred Car owner/driver preferred Apply: Cover Letter and CV to:

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