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Member Institutes Can Post ELT Job & Training Opportunities Here

Member institutions can use the ELT Ireland notice board to publish information about employment and training opportunities that may be of interest to ELT Ireland members. Submit you post by email to (You can get your institutional membership here)

Description: 50-100 words

Include, date(s), location(s), description, target audience / candidates.

Inclusion of Fee/ Salary info. is optional but these details enhance engagement with posts and ensure that all engagement is useful.

Contact: email address or phone number.

Image: Attach a logo / illustration - pictures of people will enhance engagement.

Link: A link to further information on the position which will be connected to the image.

Search Terms: Three words or phases that will help someone to easily find this posting.

Please ensure that all details are accurate. Any posts that are reported as inaccurate will be taken down. Please note that this noticeboard will not carry any posts which are discriminatory.


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