Teach "Different, Innovative, Exciting" with Future Learning this summer

Future Learning is a unique language school with a project-based approach and our Summer STEAM programme, looking for teachers for our Athlone Summer School, from the 4th, 11th or 18th of July for 3, 4, or 5 weeks.

We provide the materials for teachers to follow in the mornings and we are looking for teacher with a

specialism to devise the workshops for the afternoon. You can opt to do mornings only, or both mornings and afternoons. For an experienced qualified teacher on a full schedule it could come to €650 per week (incl. holiday pay). More details below contact peter@flireland.com if you are interested;

English Language Teacher - Summer Centres

Duties: Plan, facilitate and report on our technology-enhanced English language programme for groups of up to

15 aged between 11 and 17 years, consisting of 1.5 hours sessions with teachers working EITHER on e-portfolios (using Google Sites) OR collaborative communication (based on Activity Topics)

Timetable: 15 hours of lessons, Monday to Friday, in the mornings, divided into two sessions with a 20-minute break in the middle. There will be a daily briefing for 15 minutes before classes each day and a debrief after to deal with any issues and prepare for the following day.

Location: Technical University of the Shannon, Athlone Main Campus

Duration: 2 - 6 weeks between the end of June and early August with paid induction day the week before starting (Paid at €100 - for the induction).

Requirements: Degree, Suitable Teaching Qualification, Experience with Young Learners / Young Adults [11-17], Confident user of technology. Current police clearance (Garda Vetting), Relevant job reference (if not already received).

Weekly Salary (Qualified, Experienced Teachers): €350 per week (incl. 8% holiday pay) for morning lessons, Mon - Fri. Opting to lead excursions is paid if paid in addition, €60 for half day, €100 for full day.

Board: For those who are not based in easy reach of the summer centre, we can offer to provide accommodation on campus for full-time (morning and afternoon) staff and meals when on duty.

Afternoon Activity Specialists - Summer Centres

Provide: Planning, Preparation, Delivery and Reporting on afternoon activities designed to give a hands-on

experience of an aspect of Science, Technology, Drama, Engineering, and Arts for groups of 24 in pods of 3-4 in a stand-alone workshop which would be repeated with a number of different groups over the course of a week. (NB: Where special equipment is needed this will have to be discussed with the programme manager).

Timetable & Duration of Activities: 2.5-hour afternoon activity workshops for between 3 and 6 sessions of the same workshop activity.

Requirements: Specialists will have relevant qualifications and/or experience in the subject area of the proposed workshop. Experience with Young Learners [11-17], Confident user of technology. Current police clearance (Garda Vetting / DBS), Relevant job reference (on the first year with FL).

Fee Paid Per Session: €60 for developing an activity plan for each workshop activity plus a budget of up to €15 per session to cover received costs of tools and materials and then €60 for each delivery of that workshop activity (incl. 8% holiday pay).

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